While in New York

18th September 2017

The day that I was heading to New York. The day that I was waiting for maybe for too much time. Probably each of us dreams of visiting “the city that never sleeps” at least once in their lives. For some of us, this dream comes true at some point. I am part of the lucky ones.

So here is the day. I can not realize that it is truly happening. I am really going there, no mistake in between right? There is no point in saying that I was not sleeping for the night before, too nervous to be able to close an eye. But this does not matter anymore. Nothing matter, not the “not so cool” accommodation, not the fact that I am pretty tired.

What matters is the city and all the things it has to show. First stop? Brooklyn Bridge. The one that we always see in photos and think of what would it be like to take a walk there? For us it was not only a walk but a real photoshooting…so as to have maany memories.

Times Square, is it even real? i have been dreaming of coming here. It looks even more spectacular in real life, with all the skyscrapers and all the tourists looking fascinated up and down just like us.

We did not miss a night bus ride on Manhattan Bridge, that left me speechless. I could not believe you can have such a view. The whole lighted city in front of my eyes.

The second day we choose the Statue of Liberty, another must see in this city. So as to get close, we need to get on a boat, but still it does not look as I imagined it to be. Maybe if I had the chance to get at it’s feet, it would have been different. But still, I am happy to have seen it.

Next stop in Central Park, the one we see in movies, the one that is full of love stories and dog walks. I could have spent my whole day there, just walking and breathing fresh air in the middle of the skyscrapers but time was short and the city was huge.

The third and last day is made up of museums. Gulliver’s Gate was a great choice from my point of view, a miniature exhibit, right in the middle of the city.

We could not miss the 9/11 Memorial, the place that is filled with history and emotions. Maybe for us, who did not live the moment at that time, was a different experience from those who came with another perspective.

And here is over. The days I have been waiting for flew away in just some hours and I had to say goodbye, and hopefully “see you soon”.

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