There comes a day

There comes a day when everything is perfect. When you do not have to wake up in the morning and put on makeup to impress. Why? Because the only person you want to impress for your whole life is already in love with you.

There comes a day when you only need one person to be there, to fight with you against anything and celebrate the victory together. When you come home from work and that person is there, saying that he missed you and is so happy that you are finally home. And then he smiles and no matter how stressed or how tired you are…you find the energy to smile back and realize that nothing else matters.

Not money, not an expensive car or a house. Not going out every weekend with your friends, getting drunk and trying to find perfect guy. Anyway, he was never there, he was never in the crowd of empty souls.

It is all about that one person who waits for you at the entrance, missing you deeply after only few hours. It is that person that is always there for you, no matter what. It is that person that you can trust with anything and let him in your heart. It is that person without whom, you cannot see a tomorrow.

There comes a day when you find someone special and you know you will love him forever.

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