My summer in Cedar Point 1

We all heard at least once about the “American Dream”. Some of us thought about living it, some of us did not. I wanted to see how living in the USA really was, or just have a small idea. That is why, I chose to spend a summer there, taking part in the Work and Travel program. For me it was the easiest way to cross the ocean, and I think it is like this for many other young people.

I did not know what I wanted to do, I just knew that I want to visit the country, I want to live there, I want to have a great summer abroad. I was in for the travel and for the experiences. So there I was, at the office of a company that helps students live this dream. I had to choose from a great deal of options, but as I am the kind of person that follows her instinct and does not take time to think, I chose this one and not even at this moment I know for sure it was a good or bad idea.

Looking at the available jobs, I tried to see what I would really not like to do, just to find out what would be nice for me. My choice was the ride attendant position. How hard could it be? I means taking care of some small children while they are riding the classic horse carousel, right? Not at all. The choice was made, money were paid and documents were on the way. I just had to wait for the summer.

Everything was ready, summer was coming and I had to go. But ups, I forgot I had never traveled by plane before, not even in Europe, just imagine what crossing the ocean meant at that time. Well, after assuring myself several times that I would not get lost on the way there, in some airport or I would not swim in the ocean, I was ready. Do not imagine that I did not cry when I got in USA, not knowing what to do next because I was absolutely alone there, because I did.

Somehow, thanks to the really nice and friendly citizens of this country, I got where I needed to be, in the park that was supposed to be my home for the summer. Was I ready for this? Not at all…

I took my documents from the office, i got the key for my room, which I was sharing with another girl in a small apartment. I realized I was not going to live in the park, but some kilometers away, having to take the bus to work every day. But that first day I took to bus in order to visit the park, to see what it has.

It was huge and full of very dangerous looking rides (for me of course). But I was happy. I was finally there, living the summer I was waiting for.

I will tell you more about my summer in the next articles.

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