Who am I?

This seems to be a hard question.

Honestly, it is also hard for me too, to understand or even have a vague idea of who I actually am. I’m still trying to find out, find out new things about me and make a clear picture of myself. But it is extremely difficult to figure out who you really are when there are so many versions of yourself.

One thing I know about myself.

I have always been a fan of travelling, sometimes I think that even before I actually started to travel. Being a small girl and dreaming a foreign places was never something abstract. All I wanted at those moments was to grow up, become an independent adult and go, see the world. Time passed, and things did not really change. Well, yes I did grow up but I am more of a child then ever. But at least I can be independent…or avoid responsibilities.

I also love to open my heart and write whatever I am feeling at the moment. Sometimes I can see it myself how chaotic my thoughts are, but they are mine.

This way, I created this blog, in order to fulfill my two passions travelling and writing about things that are in my heart.