A bit about dreams

“When the dreamer dies, what happens to the dream?”

We all have dreams and I am not referring to those during the night. We all dream of a beautiful life, of happiness and sometimes we even take the courage to dream of a real prince on a white horse. But what happens to those dreams? Do they become a reality sometime in the future or we have to stay with the hope that maybe one day…?

Do we become from free people, ones that are chained by big dreams? Ones that look too high to even feel that it might happen? And then, what are our dreams? Are they freedom or more the opposite? Are they that perfect future we cannot stop wishing for, that makes us not enjoy the present as we should? And if it is like this, do we do something in order to catch that perfection even for some seconds or do we just wait for a wishing star or for the golden fish?

And now I am thinking, what is my biggest dream? What keeps me awake at night waiting for the future? What drives me into the everyday life? Can it be becoming a celebrity? But would I really enjoy it? Can it be visiting the whole world? But would I have enough time for that? Can it be a happy family or a great job? It can be anything, options are countless. And what comes after? After becoming what I want, after seeing what I want? Will there be something even greater? Or will I stop there saying, yeah, that was perfect.

What if I am living my dream right now, in this right moment but I am too blind to see it? What if I am living someone’s dream, something they would do anything for but I do not appreciate it? What if I will be able to do it, to be who I want to be but I will miss the chance? What if I am just happy with who I am, what I am and what I am doing?

Maybe each of us has a road to take. A road that can lead us anywhere we have to be. Maybe each of us has a great destiny. But even this is paved with choices, with opportunities, with ups and downs. I guess that we just have to see what life is offering us and trying to make the best out of it.

I guess we just have to be who we are, dream of what we want but still live our lives to the fullest.

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