How many of us crave without saying not even one single word? Craving for a person, for a dream or even for an illusion. I think that each of us. I think that nobody can escape this feeling.

But sometimes we are too afraid to admit, even to ourselves and try to prove that we do not care, that we are completely fine, even if dying on inside. We are too afraid to hope that one day it will happen. One day that person will love us back or that special dream will become true. One day the illusion will become reality. We are weak and sometimes accept to live a lie.

We prefer to close the feeling in a box made or iron, lock it there and throw the key on the bottom of the sea, thinking that from there it will never come back. We tend to leave it on the bottom of our soul, trying to forget.

This way we think and hope it will never hurt, we will be happy. We will our lives easily. But will it really be like this? Will we be able to hide what we truly feel, what we really wish for: Will we be happy?

Is it not easier to just go for it? To just say the word and move forward into achieving the dream? What if it does not end as planed? But what if it does?

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